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  1. Gonna start doing Alt raids on Tuesdays. I know a lot of socials have been asking about it and we have a lot of people with alts. Based on who is gonna be in there we will probably just start on heroic difficulty. I work this Tuesday so I wont be on till about 9:30 server time. If someone else wants to set it up and get in there earlier that's more than fine with me though.
  2. Klevra

    Alt/Social List

    They were doing it friday nights. It didn't go this week or last so im not sure if it is a loss of interest or what at this point. I'm sure it will pick back up during blackrock however.
  3. Klevra

    I'm on my way!

    respond to zeji's post in your app friend
  4. Currently, I am using Big Wigs Bossmods to track boss timers and cooldowns. One very nice tool inside of it is that it allows you to Emphasize any spell or targeted ability you feel needs to be made more prominent on your screen. Today I will show you how to do just that! Not unlike a weakauras, it puts an icon on your screen when that ability pertains to you. You can have it flash or pulse or whatever. Super helpful! Now go get 'em!
  5. Klevra

    Website background

    I designed a sweet Mumble skin for Divide already. It's pretty nice. I need to put it on the site. But yea, a background would be ezpz
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    cheap? maybe. Poor? definitely!
  8. If anyone in the guild loves playing Starcraft, I would love to be your friend. Klevra#1912
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