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  1. Boraga

    Alt/Social List

    Change my shaman to enhance w/ healing off spec. Por Favor. Also sort it by tank, healer then DPS maybe? My demands must be met!
  2. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/fix-warlords-draenor-server-lag/jQDhZSB5. Looks like they deleted the petition... Was pretty hilarious though.
  3. Yeah man... It's a shame. That's how it is a lot of times though, people who are the most out going typically seem to be the ones who are hit by depression. Odd how it all works.
  4. I was just telling my co-worker on Friday that it will be sad when the world loses actors like Jim Carrey and Robin Williams and then no shit, 3 days later Robin Williams dies - Weird, haha.
  5. It is a sad, sad day when the world loses such a great actor. What a shame.
  6. Boraga

    Website background

    WHAT?! Klevra? He can barely shaman!
  7. Boraga

    Website background

    Inzi does dabble in graphic design if I'm not mistaken? I'm not sure to what extent, but she may be able to hook us up with something. Have to check with her though.
  8. Boraga


    So long, and thanks for all the fish!
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