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  1. I'm determined to get one going!!! I really want to know who would like to come do this, but I only want people who for sure can make it on a weekly basis to the raid. with no excuses or something else. The raid would be on Tuesday at regular raid time, and it would end at the exact same time. I'm looking for at least a 2-4-9 comp and will pug a few if needed. please post below if you can commit yourself to this raid. Alts are welcomed as I do want to start on Normal and move on up from there... thanks!! and let's see what we get. Tanks: Healers: Jonnyfoxtail-holy pally Dps: Vivi- ret
  2. Runs will usually start at normal raid time and end at regular raid end time as well. for me, it's 10PM Mountain time. Don't know what state you live in. You're Ilevel should be fine for regular and you should be ok if dpsing heroic. Healing talk to one of the healers that will be coming to the alt raids and they would tell you more. Klev/Tong?/ Rosh are running these so they will have more info on it.
  3. Bumping up this thread to see if there's still any interest on making this raid happen.
  4. I can commit to a one day a week raid. Ret Pally Vivi, or I can start gearing my dk/mage depending on the need.
  5. Mvo

    Alt/Social List

    Tongkii said we won 't be doing it this week as a new raid opens up. But the next week we will be doing Blackrock alt/social and clear as fast as possible to move to heroic. I think it will still be every Friday.
  6. Mvo

    WoD Release Date

    if you do this. I would be very interested on it. Hopefully one night clears,depending on how many heroics you want to do. I can start getting tank gear instead of dps gear from runs I do when I can and be the tank for them. Let me know if this happens!! as 1-2 raid nights would be a great way for me to start getting back into the game! ps. dps set is at 552, and tank at 540 and can get it better I'm sure.
  7. Mvo

    Selling a Video card

    I'll drive up to FoCO and give you 10 tacos, 2 burritos and a 12 pack of beer. seems like a fair trade.. don't you think dev?!
  8. Mvo


    Hey Juggs, I see the title called Tsulong! yet I don't see Tsulong anywhere in the picture!!! /sigh! jk Gratz again on the kill guys, now time for some sha.
  9. Mvo


    I would say, try to contact an officer just to make sure your app went trough. But I would just suggest to not bother them during raid time or 30mins to 1 hr before our raid time.
  10. Mvo


    OMG! This video just made my day lol
  11. Mvo

    For UDM

    I know lol. I saw the video and thought of you immediately.
  12. Mvo

    For UDM

  13. Mvo


    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone have any alts that still need gear off heroics. I want to spend most of the Sunday farming heroics to get gear and was hoping for some pple to tag along. Thanks, Much love Your most hated pally, previously known as Mvo.
  14. Well I would suggest getting the License to slay, it will give you a nice hit boost until you reach the cap and can reforge it away(or reforge other hit into Mastery, depending on how you stay hit capped and get the most mastery out of it). Second the DMC: Hurricane strength is a nice trinket because of the 321srt you get and the proc. Those two will last you until heroic trinkets.
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