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  1. speedduler

    Paging Mr. Mutestar.

    I miss that guy...good times...good times
  2. speedduler

    Luc's UI

    Mage nuggets!
  3. speedduler

    Random Raiding Comments

    1."after being afk in a defile" sorry, my grandpa threatened to turn off the router if I did not help him, and I thought I would be back before the valk dropped me :/ 2. idk, is that my bis?
  4. speedduler

    The God Focker.

    been there, saw that, lold
  5. speedduler

    You are looking at......

    ewwww,intel, what a loser, why couldnt you get AMD? jkjk
  6. speedduler

    durions is back :D

    my randoms always succeed.....then again im healing them
  7. speedduler

    New gaming Headset (and other uses)

    I'll pay for a month for you if you give me 100k , and also get a headset from hudsons, mine was $8 XD http://www.myfacewhen.com/80/
  8. speedduler

    Another way to get some gold

    ELDER, why dont we have like buttons?
  9. speedduler

    Enjoy the game, Enjoy each other

    WIN,WIN,WIN, the all of it, nice black
  10. speedduler

    new afk spot

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. speedduler

    what I did in class

    high fiveage much?
  12. speedduler

    what I did in class

    I wrote this, with my everything Pledge of Trolligence I pledge of trolligence, to the computer, of the united space of the internets, into the forums, of which we troll, one goal, behind our screens, uncorrectable, with annoyance and interupptions for all.
  13. speedduler

    Best Game Ever

    i saw tht b4
  14. speedduler

    The dad life

    thats just badass