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Guild Charter

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Guest Llamda

** note: We do not update the charter regularly, so some things (i.e. ranks) can be out of date - but the majority of what is covered is still relevant. The charter is super old though and we obviously are a more progression-oriented guild now than we were when the guild was created - and we do provide our raiders with repair gold, food, flasks, pots, etc. As such, we HIGHLY recommend you read the Divide FAQ (which is kept more up-to-date) and covers a lot of areas (i.e. how our raids & loot system work): Divide FAQ LINK


Current Required Addons : http://www.divideguild.net/threads/9265-Current-Required-Addons



Guild Charter


Table of Contents:


I) Mission Statement

II) Code of Conduct

III) Expectations

IV) Guild Levels

V) Officer Roles, Duties

VI) Guild Bank

VII) Recruitment

VIII) Alts


I: Mission Statement


Divide is focused on defeating end-game content. We are a highly focused, team-oriented guild with common goals, gameplay preferences, and schedules. Divide is not a place for new players, strict roleplayers, AFKers, or weekend warriors.



II: Code of Conduct


Our focus is to defeat end-game content while having as much fun as possible. We approach all content with a positive, team-oriented, GUILD-FIRST attitude.

All players must and will conduct themselves in a respectful, group-first manner. Examples of unacceptable behavior include but are not limited to: taking an item from another in need of said item, or taking an item from the guild bank, so that you may profit from the item; swearing or yelling in a negative tone at anyone in voice-chat, guild/party chat, or any other public channel; and ninjaing quest mobs or nodes from other players.

Be proud of your guild tag. Be a nice player. At the very least, don't be a jerk. It reflects badly on the guild.

Officers are expected to exemplify these standards.



III: Expectations


We expect all guildmates to improve their level of play in any way possible. Maxing your talents, obtaining better gear outside of raids, and studying boss fights are examples of how to become a better raider.

You must come to every raid repaired, unflagged, stocked with all consumables necessary for the night, and knowing your role in the encounters we will be tackling. “All consumables necessary” means that you will have every potion, flask, food buff, soul shard, symbol, leaf, candle, etc. you will need for the night. A working microphone is a must.

YOU MUST KNOW YOUR ROLE FOR EACH FIGHT. There are dozens of self-help, strategy-for-dummies sites/videos/bulletin threads out there detailing every fight. THERE IS NO EXCUSE for not knowing an encounter in advance. Our schedule is casual compared with many guilds, and we expect that you are prepared to raid the entire time without going AFK. If you cannot stay without interruption for a raid, please tell an officer and you will sit out that night. If you are continuously AFK during a raid, you will be replaced. If you consistently fail to meet expectations and/or refuse to take constructive criticism to improve your game play, you will be counseled by the officers. If you continue to refuse to improve, you disrespect your guildmates who have worked hard to get this guild where it is, YOU WILL BE REPLACED.

A) Play on a decent computer system with a stable connection and a working microphone. Members who constantly disconnect or cannot attend events due to unstable connections will be replaced.

B) Be competitive and improve yourself. Strive to be the best player possible, not only by having the best gear but by demonstrating the best skills. The guild will help you attain these, but self-motivation is just as important. Guild members are expected to play and keep up with the guild average for levels, gear, and quest completions.

C) Always have enough gold on you to repair your character! Learning new content means wiping and wiping means repairs. Plan ahead. Whining about repair costs or begging for repair money is frowned upon.

D) Listen to leadership, as we've done research on each encounter prior to raid. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome, but there's a right way and a wrong way to communicate. During a raid don’t blurt out in Mumble, but message an officer with your idea/question/insight. NEVER disrespect the raid leader or officers by interrupting them in Mumble. You will be warned and then globally muted.

E) Don't be a whiny, gossiping complainer. Again--there's a right way and a wrong way to communicate. Don't keep things bottled up, but seek to improve situations by talking to our leadership. If something makes you so unhappy that it can't be resolved, you have the right to leave the guild at any time.

F) Know when to be a loudmouth and when to be quiet and pay attention.

G) Play by the rules Blizzard sets. Banned, suspended, or deleted players are of no use.

H) Get along with your guildmates. You don't have to love every single one, but it helps! Try to quest/instance with new people to get to know them better. We understand real life friends like to play together, but challenge yourselves by breaking routine, too.

I) Show loyalty and dedication to the guild and its members!

BOTTOM LINE: we don't raid as much as other guilds so we make the most of our limited time through efficiency and preparedness. Those who take a professional, respectful approach to the guild and to raids will prevail. Those who do not meet the above expectations are liabilities and will be replaced on raids or removed from the guild.



IV: Guild Levels


A) Guild Master - the individual in charge of the guild. Please see Section V for further detail.

B) Officer – members in charge of their respective classes and helping the guild master run the guild. See Section V for further detail.

C) Officer Alt

D) Lead - individuals who have shown their continued support and dedication to the guild. They represent the best-of-the-best. To reach Lead status, you must show up to raid consistently (90% attendance) and demonstrate an extensive set of skills and knowledge about your class. Needless to say, this rank is not awarded constantly and it is reserved for players whose contributions to the guild are only rivaled by those of an officer/GM.

E) Members – core members of our raiding team. To reach this level, you must demonstrate high skills for your class, knowledge of the encounters we will be facing, and fit all of the following criteria:

1) solid attendance for all 25 man raids, with 10 man help thrown in.

2) have Mumble, Big Wigs/Deadly Boss Mods, Omen, and any class specific add-ons that your class leader demands.

3) ALWAYS be prepared to raid 15 minutes before invites begin, including being at the zone unflagged with reagents, potions, consumables, fully-repaired and with all needed gear.

4) able to listen to directions, act accordingly, and understand your tasks and roles at all times.

5) able to play the duration of raids without going AFK, as substantial breaks are provided during raids.

6) able to focus entirely on raiding while in a raid; not being distracted by things in RL or in-game.

7) have the drive to raid and progress, knowing that many wipes will happen on new encounters.

8) want to contribute, be flexible, and open to constructive criticism.

9) have a good and varied knowledge of all boss fights and trash pulls in farm content and any other zone we begin to focus on.

10) have a very good knowledge of all aspects of your class.

11) have all your heroic keys and attunements--anticipate attunements for upcoming content and complete the necessary quest chains in a timely manner.

12) be contributing to the guild "example" by helping others, donating to the guild bank, and generally exemplifying the Code of Conduct.

13) lead by example. It is an honor and privilege to be in Divide, not a right!

Veteran and member ranks will be adjusted monthly based on attendance.

F) Recruit - these are new members of our guild. Recruits will endure a 2-3 week trial period so we can assess their skills and attitude as well as give them a chance to see how Divide works. At the end of the period, recruits will be invited to become members in Divide or will be removed (or their recruit status can be extended).

G) Alt – self explanatory. See Section XI for alt loot rules.

H) Inactive Raider

I) Social - Characters who are invited to the guild as a friend/family of a Member/Veteran.




V: Officer Roles, Duties


The leadership comprises the guild master and the officers. Each officer is a representative of his/her class, but should be respected by all members of the guild, irrespective of their class. The guild master is the only one with the power to remove and promote any officer. The officers report to the GM, who serves as moderator between all members of the guild, as well as between officers. These individuals are responsible for taking appropriate action when any member or officer does not adhere to Divide’s Code of Conduct. This may include a warning, temporary suspension, or dismissal.

Officers have the dual function of representing their classes at officer meetings and representing the officers at class meetings. Officers have the power to invite new guild members who have been approved.

The GM and officers will meet weekly to discuss guild direction, new members, and any other important issues. Members are strongly encouraged to speak with the officers about issues both pertaining to the guild in general as well as his/her specific class.

A) Webmaster is responsible for the content on the guild website, including admin and permissions.

B) Waitlist & Attendance is responsible for tracking the waitlist and attendance for all raids as well as enforcing attendance policies. All discrepancies should be reported to this person.

C) Recruitment & Personnel is responsible for anticipating recruitment needs, seeking out applicants, and ensuring player retention. Member issues are primarily resolved through this officer, although all officers are capable of doing so.

D) Raidleader will lead raids, research strategies for new content, and generally dictate the course of the runs. This person has the ultimate say on invites to and dismissals from encounters.

E) Lootmaster is responsible for organizing the guild vault, taking bids, and distributing loot during raids.

F) Healing CL is responsible for managing the healing team, assigning heals, and ensuring all healers are at the top of their game.

G) Guild Bank - this person is responsible for the daily upkeep on the guild bank and ensuring that the bank has plenty of gold/materials/consumables.


VI. Guild Bank


Guild members enjoy the benefit of a guild bank, which will operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, provided the use adheres to the Code of Conduct. The items currently available can be viewed in the Bank Vault and will be updated regularly. To request an item for use, you must ask an officer or the GM via tells, voice-chat, or in-game mail. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the needs of the guild, player, and stockpile of said item. Players are encouraged but not required to deposit materials for raiding in the guild vault as they see fit. Please don’t clutter the vault with items not used for raiding; the vault is NOT a substitute for your own bank and bag space.



VII: Recruitment Policy


Prospective members must be level 100.

A) Recruits must submit an application via the application forum.

B) Recruits will be expected to attend multiple instance runs after being invited for assessment.

C) Recruits should demonstrate the qualities expected of any guild member.


VIII: Alts


Due to the number of LVL 100 alts in the guild and the issues which can arise, here are the rules for alt usage:


A) Alts will not be invited to any raid unless specifically required to get the encounter done (i.e., short on dps, healing, tanking)--final decision is made by GM/raid leader.

B) Alts will not roll /ask for loot unless:

1)The item is going to be DE'd.

2) The item is passed on by other members and it is agreed upon that the alt can viably use the item.

3) No other class can use or needs the item.

D) Your main is always preferred for raiding. When you applied to this guild you were accepted upon the premise you would be raiding on the character used for your application. Your alt will not become a main, so please don't expect to be using your alt for those purposes. The guild frowns upon main switching and double dipping for loot and status.


The leadership reserves the right to alter the Code of Conduct as necessary.

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