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3-2 icc 25 drake run

Guest kelipso

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Guest kelipso

i want my drake finally. i will be taking all guildies or real ID friends of guildies who are able to get on mumble. and ppl who listen to the raid leader. ( if i call a wipe then wipe it don't kill the boss when its at 5%. stop dps and die).


if raiders listen to the raid leader you will get a drake when LK dies.


most bosses will be done on normal unless heroic is not an issue with the achievement.


if someone has the shadowmorne quests to compete and it does not conflict with the achievements we will make an effort to help them out.


so sign up and get your icebound drake!!!


will be raid time. 730-8ish eastern time. ( i think thats raid time ).


kelipso - ret/prot pally.

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Guest kelipso

in addition if there is intrest after the drake run i will be doing a TOC/TOGC run for achevements as well. ( 25 man)


i kow i need a few achevements out of there.

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