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I would like to thank all of divide for allowing me to be apart of the first clear of a heroic tier. Thank you for the opportunity to raid in this guild coming from a top 1500 guild to a US 35 was a massive raid environment n skill jump. In my past guilds I have never killed a boss before a nerf ( madness 15% kill or server first LK in cata), but for the first time ever I have killed a boss before a drastic nerf happened and would have never ever guessed I would be in a top US guild. I have slowly became a better and better player over the years since my raiding in blackwing lair. In blackwing lair i was a shitty rogue and my officer would work with me each day he could to help me improve and taught my golden rule of raiding " If you want your spot you earn it, you show up prepared to do above what other people expect you to be capable of." Thank you for allowing me to play the spec I sole desire and I try to push my toon to the complete max I can. I look forward to raiding with you guys into the next tier to finish in the top 20 US:] Ty llamda,ryu,crus(raging fuck),Jugs, and jespar( for showing me ranking isn't everything)


P.S- llamda i fkin cannot see shit on the forums you fuck!

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it will probably be in march:] they still got a lot of work to do on the classes and the heroci mode only boss^-^. The new raids bosses are amazing and b blizzard did a really good job this time:]

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