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Guest Zoology

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Guest Zoology

"You need to go Vanessa Carlton this shit!"


"You thought it was funny calling my phone number bluff, but now I'm going to call you ALL THE TIME!!!"


"I'm Adam, by the way. Don't call me Larc, it's creepy." (This is my favorite. Drunk dialing a guildie isn't creepy, but using their character name in the conversation is.)




....Hope the hangover treats you well, buddy. =]

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Guest Dieyoucommie

first of all you are missing all the zoo responses. like ...


Me- "You thought it was funny getting my number off the internet, but you gave me yours! now I'm going to call you ALL THE TIME!!!"

Zoo- "Who is this!?"

Me-"Its larcenex, actually its pronounced Lark, i wish people would say that right."

Zoo- "im going to write a song about this."

Me- "vanessa carlton this shit! By the way, you missed our first Lich King kill. What the fuck!?"

Zoo- "I know, im sorry. I was off having sex with little boys."

Me- "Wow..."

Zoo- "Hope the hangover treats you well."

Me- "Pft. (Hangup)."

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